How To Gifpht

It's easy all it takes are a few steps:

A “Gifphter” (a teacher or other sender) recognizes a “Gifphtee” (a student) they would like to help succeed.

The “Gifphter” then creates an account and chooses their “gifphting” role (teacher, mentor or other).

The “Gifphter” also creates a profile for the “Gifphtee”.

The “Gifphter” chooses an interest level (class subject) for the “Gifphtee”.

Then a “Gifpht” (a plan) based on that interest level is chosen.

The “Gifphter” then sends the “Gifpht” to the “Gifphtee”.

Finally, enjoy the warm heart you get knowing you just could have just changed a kid’s life by transforming them from a “Gifphtee” to the “Gifphted”!