Our Story

alil-help.com is a gifpthing culture created by Stacey J. Hitt, Phd. After years of mentoring young men and family members, Stacey learned the importance of passing on guidance to the younger generation and what a positive influence one person can have on someone’s life.

Through communications with younger people he realized how great it could be to give someone a plan or roadmap that may help guide them in the right direction.

Where did the name “lil help” originate? The name “lil help” is borrowed from the athletic fields where if a ball crosses from your field of play over the fence or to another practice area, it’s common for the athlete to yell “A Little Help” which means you would like someone to pass the ball back to your area.

We realize that teachers, mentors, organizations, family and friends, who come in contact with the younger generation, understand that they could benefit from a plan or roadmap, or should we say a little help.

We hope to create a culture that allows us to give those “a little help” who wish to give a little help to someone else!