Examples of Gifphts

What’s a gifpht?  Well traditionally, gifts are something that you give to someone without expectation that you get something in return.  We’ve added our little twist to the traditional meaning by making sure that a gift can add value to someone’s life.  Our purpose is to improve the quality of someone’s life by add meaning, purpose and direction. So we call our gifts “gifphts!”  Gifphts, simply are 1 page plans or roadmaps that will hopefully help some find their superpower or improve their current situation. 

We have categorized our gifphts into three areas: career based, challenge based and celebration based.

Once you create your account it’s easy and quick to create a gifpht for someone.  First, you the “gifphter” creates a simple profile(name, email, etc.) for someone(“gifphtee”) and then choose what you they may be interested in.  Could it be a student who is interested in math?  How about showing your love for a significant other by giving them a plan for their health. Maybe a plan for a kid who may be veering off the right track.  In any case you see someone who you think you would like to add value to their situation.  You probably can create a gifpht for someone in less than a minute or two.

Gifphts are also customized and personalized for the “gifphtee.”  Although, they are personalized, they are safe.  Here at alil-help.com, we create the gifts so that there is no harmful or malicious content. 

They are also three different priced gifphts: basic, medium and advanced.  Don’t let the names fool you or the price discourage you.  Basic gifphts(around $3 bucks) allow you to personalized and customized your gifphts.  They also consists of different steps for the gifphtee to reach a desired outcome!  Medium and advanced priced gifphts basically just provide a little more information.  We are adding new gifphts all of time!

We have gifphts that can be beneficial to teachers for end of the year offerings to students.  Gifphts can also be of benefit to mentors or organizations who may be looking to supplement their current services by providing a plan of action to their mentees.  It may also be of benefit to family or friends may wish to drop a little knowledge to their family members, friends or loved ones who they think could use a lil help!

Finally we feel that you providing a gifpht to someone not only shows that you care but also improves the communication process between you and the recipient.  How many times you’ve tried to drop a little knowledge on someone and they’re like listening to you like blah, blah, blah!  Here they go again!  This way you can provide the information that you want and they can access when they want.  All good!

How cool is that? 

Who’s going to be your first gifphtee?  What’s going to be your 1st gifpht?

“Career Based Gifpht”

“Challenge Based Gifpht”

“Celebration Based Gifpht”

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