All they need is a lil help!

Wow!  Teachers rock.  You are around students about ten months of the year.  You prepare lesson plans to improve their learning and you are passionate about what you do!  You know so much about that student at a young age that you have the power to have some influence on their life!

As a teacher you can customize and personalize a career plan of action or roadmap to one of your students.  For example, if you have a student who likes math you can send them a career based plan focused on math such as an accountant or financial advisor.  A perfect end of the year gifpht!  Show them the route to their super power!

It’s so easy to get started.  If you feel that a teacher role is best for you all you have to do is the choose the teacher role when creating your account.  After that create basic profiles for your students, select their interest, then create and email the gifpht!

Teachers generally only have access to career based plan.  All plans are sent to a parent’s email account which is probably the safest and most comfortable method.  Take a look at the menu for the different gifphts available (Gifpht Examples)!

Here at alil-help.com we’re here to assist you with adding value to your student’s life as a citizen!

How cool is that? 

Go ahead and sign up for a teacher role if that is your capacity.  It’s fast, safe and free to enroll!

Who’s going to be your first gifphtee?  What’s going to be your 1st gifpht?

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