All they need is a lil help!

So your organization has decided to invest in the youth in your community.  Kudos, the youngster are waiting for you.  As an organization you have so much power whether you are a for-profit or non profit. is perfect for organizations such as fraternities and sororities, athletes(former and current), and performing artists of all kind who may have foundations.  Barbershops and beauty salons we didn’t forget about you.  We got you!

You may ask how could be of assistance to you?  One possible way is to allow mentors or teachers that may work for you provide a career or issued based gifpht to a kid in the community that you may serve.

You never know, that kid could be a future employee or customer.  At the very least they would know that your organization cares about them!

Here’s an example.  Let’s say one of your employees, or mentor/teacher that works with you recognizes a kid who is interested in math.  You can give that kid a career based plan focused on math.  Another example of a plan could be a juvenile intervention plan.  If you have a relationship with a young person that you feel may be going toward the wrong path, you can gifpht them with a plan that may assist them with getting back on track.

An organization generally has access to all of the career based and most of the issued based plans.  Take a look at the menu for the different gifphts available (Gifpht Examples)!

Sometimes as a mentoring organization you’re in a role to provide a little more tough love than a teacher, so we try to assist you in that capacity.  We provide a cool little area where you can list the mentors and teachers who work with you to gifpht plans on your behalf.  There’s a small yearly enrollment fee for organizations. 

How cool is that? 

Go ahead and sign up for an organizational role if that is your capacity.  It’s fast and safe!

Who’s going to be your first gifphtee?  What’s going to be your 1st gifpht?

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