Mentors and Coaches

Wow, what a wonderful honor to be a mentor!  You have chosen to do the good deed!  Which means that you are giving up a little of your extra time and some of the time you didn’t think you had, all to help a kid who you think needs alil-help.

Whether you are an athletic or cheerleading coach, spiritual advisor, or camp counselor the kids look up to you in some capacity as a mentor or role model.

If you don’t operate in an official capacity as a mentor because of your schedule, don’t worry we got you! is perfect for you because you can still show you care, because you will be able to drop a little knowledge on someone you care about or who you think may need it! 

As a mentor, by nature you are in the position to guide someone. Their north star or symbol of hope! We try to assist you and your services by giving you the tools to send your mentees or proteges (gifphtees) a plan of action or roadmap to a better future!

As a mentor(gifphter) you can customize and personalize a plan of action or roadmap that can be downloaded via email to a recipient of your choice.  For example, if you have a student who is interested in math, you can give them a career based plan focused on math.  Another example of a plan could be a juvenile intervention plan.  If you have a relationship with a young person that you feel may be going toward the wrong path, you can gifpht them with a plan that may assist them with getting back on track.

A mentor generally has access to all of the career based and most of the challenged based plans.

Sometimes as a mentor you are in a role to provide a little more tough love than a teacher, so we try to assist you in that capacity.

How cool is that? 

Go ahead and sign up for a mentor role if that is your capacity.  It’s fast, safe and free to enroll!

Who’s going to be your first gifphtee?  What’s going to be your 1st gifpht?

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