Challenge Based Plans

A challenge is an important topic, problem or issue. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could provide information to someone that could help them with a current problem or avoid a problem or just simply guide them in the right direction?

Challenge based gifphts are plans or roadmaps to improve someone’s quality of life.  The plans are perfect for family members and friends to gifpht to one another, although they can be gifphted to K-12(elementary, middle, high school) or college student/mentees.  The plans are based on what the person needs in order to improve their quality of life.  For example if a person, (in this case a middle school student) may be veering off the right track in life there is an intervention plan the family member or mentor can send to them that may help them improve their situation.   Another example of a challenge based plan is gifphting a college student a budget plan for that academic year.  We all know we could use this!

One cool breakdown of challenge based plans is that some of the plans are labeled as “Elder to Young’UN”, “Friend To Friend”, and “Young’UN to Elder.”  The purpose of “Elder to Young’Un” plans is for the older generation to drop a little knowledge on the younger generation to guide them in the right direction.  The purpose of “Friend To Friend” plans is for friends to drop a little knowledge among each other so that they can help each other be successful.  The purpose of “Young’Un To Elder” plans is for the younger generation to drop a little knowledge to the older generation by reminding them of the things they are suppose to be doing! 

These plans are perfect for family and friends or mentors who want to give their child/mentee a  gifpht at the beginning of a recognized situation or issue.  I guess sort of speaking to help them avoid a worse outcome later on in life.  This gifpht will illustrate to the child/mentee as well as the parent that you took the time listen to the them and what problems they may be having.  Not only did you listen but you gave them a roadmap to help improve their situation!

Although it’s perfect for family such as parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, god parents or friends such as high school, childhood or college friends, mentors such as spiritual leaders or coaches can get in on the gifphting of challenges as well.  Teachers do not have access to many of the challenge based plans because the relationship between family and friends are little different than the relationship between a teacher and student.

It’s easy to get started. It’s as easy as creating a profile for a gifphtee, selecting their issue interest, and creating and sending the gifpht (via email). 

It’s fast, safe and free to enroll!  Who’s going to be the first person you provide a challenge based gifpht to?

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