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Stacey here. I would like to welcome you to I’m appreciative and grateful that you have giving up a few moments of your precious time to visit our site. The motivation behind this site is my personal exposure to access to mentorship or just positive conversation as a youth.

Growing up on the westside of Erie, Pa was a beautiful experience mainly because we had positive role models around us although the environment was challenging. My out was through basketball. I know how valuable the word from an adult can be. It can enlighten and enhance your dreams or the wrong words and/or actions can drive a dagger through your hopes and aspirations.

Being on both sides as a mentee and mentor I know youth mentorship or role modeling can be challenging. Once a person has decided to participate in a mentorship relationship the youth is excited and expects a lot from the relationship. Not so much in monetary commitment but at least consistency in access with the role model. In addition, some very knowledgeable seasoned adults would love to connect with the younger generation but can’t because of time or other proximity issues.

The evaluation of these two factors motivated me to create an environment that was safe, fun, quick and easy that would allow someone such as a teacher, coach or spiritual advisory with wisdom or great and honest intent drop a lil knowledge on someone they think can benefit from it.

If you think you know someone you would like to gifpht a plan to, take a look at some of the gifpht examples and see if you think this is something that can add to your legacy!

Much love,
Stacey J. Hitt, PhD. / The Gifphter

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