All they need is alil help!

It’s great to have family and friends like you!  You have so much insight to those close to you.  You have access to your loved ones attitudes, behaviors, dreams and areas of improvements. 

As a family or friend you may have a close relationship with someone you would like to help.  Sometimes we have information we would like to share with a family member or a friend that we feel will improve their situation.   

As a family member or a friend you can customize and personalize a plan of action or roadmap just for them.  For example, if you have a child in college you can send them a budget plan for their academic year.  Another example of a plan could be a juvenile intervention plan.  If you have a relationship with a young person that you feel may be going toward the wrong path, you can gifpht them with a plan that may assist them with getting back on track.

A family member or friend generally has access to all of the plans.  Take a look at the menu for the different gifphts available (Gifpht Examples)!

How cool is that? 

Go ahead and sign up for a mentor role if that is your capacity.  It’s fast, safe and free to enroll!

Who’s going to be your first gifphtee?  What’s going to be your 1st gifpht?

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