Celebration Based Plans

Sometimes an occasion is too important to pass by.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could gifpht a kid a plan that will help then prepare for an important school celebration event such as the prom or homecoming dance?

Celebration based gifphts are plans or roadmaps primarily for K-12(elementary, middle, high school) students.  We also have event plans for college students.

These plans are primarily for family and friends although mentors can gifpht them.   This gifpht will help the student properly prepare for the event because it will list expenses, and due date items necessary to attend the event.

It’s easy as creating a profile for a student (gifphtee), selecting their event interest, creating and sending the gifpht (via email).  Plans for K-12 students are sent to parents email account.

It’s fast, safe and free to enroll!


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